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Why Tobacco Free?

The Tobacco Industry has a long and sordid history with Hollywood and films. While outright paid product placement is now banned, exposure to tobacco use in films is still widespread and far exceeds actual use rates in the population. This leads us to wonder if covert payments for promotion of tobacco use are still widespread. The World Health Organization has concluded that the more onscreen smoking youth are exposed to, the more likely it is that they will smoke.

The MyView Youth Film Festival is taking a stand on this issue by creating a Tobacco-Free Policy for all film submissions. No tobacco use, imagery, or promotion is permitted in any of the films submitted for the contest. The only exception to this policy is when the tobacco use is directly related to the message of the film and it is accurately portrayed including the dangers and consequences of its use.

For more information on tobacco use in movies, visit www.smokefreemovies.ca

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